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Business Internet

Straight up with unlimited stable internet, As your partner in business, we take care of that.

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Home Wi-Fi

Good internet at home to stream your fav shows while you connect with family & Friends.

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Community Hotspot

Breaking boundaries and connecting you to the rest of the world's most important knowlegde resources.

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Make use of our hotspot platform to market and reach your clients while getting potential new ones.

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Educational Package

Enjoy our Educational benefits, from unlimited dedicated to maximium security with OpenDNS

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Safety is our top priority. Protect personal information, your devices and your family.

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More Great Reasons to Choose VDT4iT

The speed of data, as it travels from the Internet to your computer, is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Different activities require different speeds.

  • 50% off on professional installation
  • Customer User Portal
  • Resilient Connectivity
  • Expect Service
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₵ 249.99

Up to

₵ 499.99

Unlimited Data
Cost a little get the best

Unlimited internet + chromecast

  • IP Channels
  • Internet
GHS 329.99 GHS 249.99/mo
  • Chromecasst box included
  • + one-off GHS 49.99 set-up fee
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