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VDT4iT internet is giving Best of the Best service away

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Companies that were able to respond quickly to trends and technological developments are today's Tech world. Is your company ready for the next step in technology

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Safeguarding our customers’ security and ensuring optimal network performance at all times. ensuring data protection strategies as our top most priorities

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A systematic approach to defend against and maintain an acceptable level of service in the presence of any downtime challenges or technical difficulties. Hello to Internet

About VDT4iT

Experience the magic of tech to serve you the best

VDT4iT is an inspiring innovation using technology to improve and develop small communities in rural Ghana. It aims to promote more, new income generating activities which will allow young community members to blossom.

It therefore harbors the aims of several of the SDG’s: decreasing poverty, providing quality education, innovating inclusively, promoting sustainability, and so on. Also, Our team aspires to only conduct business in a responsible and inclusive manner, while supporting communities around them.

About VDT4iT

Midogo cover in your area

Midogo ‘community hotspots’ allows all members of the community to have access to prepaid internet, therefore allowing them to consume however much internet needed, whenever.

As part of what we believe to be our corporate responsibility, Midogo also contribute to the introduction of ICT centers within selected communities where Local assemblies, authorities and schools can build and manage these centers after which we will subsidize internet & training for community members.

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