Bridging the Digital Gap through Hotspot


VDT4iT is a social enterprise. The project has been in progress since the fall of 2019 and we have now become a broadband wireless internet service provider, specialized in shared and dedicated, high speed internet. Our social mission is to use this new service to add to the development of local communities surrounding us. We want to be able to provide them with internet, since they currently have little to no access. This, we call “Midogo” – Let Us Meet

First of all, we want to set up community hotspots to provide the local community with the opportunity to purchase prepaid internet, however much they need, whenever. Currently, communities either don’t have access to internet services, or members have to buy it in large quantities while the quality is bad, and service may not reach them. By creating the option to buy small amounts of internet as often as one may want, we ensure that all members of the community now have access to this very important resource. Setting up local community hotspots also ensures the internet quality the community members deserve.

With our social mission we contribute to the realization of several development goals


Second of all, we want to set up ICT-hubs within selected communities. In cooperation with local assemblies, authorities and schools we want to set up centers with stable internet connections and access to devices such as computers and laptops. The community manage these centers and VDT4iT through Midogo will subsidize the internet, needed materials and provide IT trainings for community members. Supporting the community members in gaining new skill sets and creating access to this knowledge will hopefully result in new income generating activities for them.

Sustainable Development Goals

With our social mission we contribute to the realization of several development goals.

  • No Poverty
  • Quality Education
  • Decent work & economic growth
  • Reduced Inequality

SDG 1: No poverty & SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

By providing the local community members with access to ICT trainings in the hubs we want to give them the opportunity to create new income generating activities for themselves. This will result in more income for the community members and in the long run will ensure economic growth for the local community.

SDG 4: Quality education

We want to provide the youth of the community with access to internet to ensure quality education with access to a worldwide network of knowledge. Schools should be able to teach their youth all available knowledge and also teach them the subject of ICT using practical tools. This will be made possible via the centers or hubs.

SDG 10: Reduced Inequality

Access to internet should not be a privilege, it should be available for everyone. Internet is the biggest knowledge resource and contributes greatly to the development of young people. It increases opportunities and literally opens one up to the world of possibilities. It should not be the case that this resource is only available to the richer in society. This is what VDT4iT through Midogo wants to achieve. Reduce inequality.